Installation Kit and Filter

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Installation Kit and Filter


Product Details 1 micron Filter

  • System Tested and Certified by NSF against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of Chlorine and Particulate for taste and odour. Suitable for a wide range of hot and cold drinking water and beverage drinks dispensers including POU water coolers.
  • Fast release, automatically shuts off water and pressure, for increased operator usability and safety
  • No contact is made with the media when changing the cartridge which significantly reduces the risk of any cross contamination
  • Ensures no water leakage when changing cartridge – results in a quick dry change


Product Details Installation kit parts

  • All parts WRAS approved
  • 1 meter ¼ inch John Guest Pipe                                    x 1
  • ¾ BSP x ¼ Tap Connector John Guest                        x 2
  • Water Blocker reset tool                                                x 1
  • Water Blocker                                                                  x 1
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)                                     x 1
  • Check Valve with Isolator                                               x 1
  • 15mm Equal compression tee                                        x 1
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